Green Dollar Review

Green Dollar ReviewGreen Dollar is different than most payday lenders because they offer installment loans so you can pay the money back over time rather than all in one lump sum.

They phrase it as personal loans made simple, and that’s really what we’re seeing here. Personal loans can be really tough to get from the bank because they’ll check your credit and they will take into consideration your history with the bank. I must have built up a lot of credit with the bank and have perfect personal credit history, you might have trouble just getting a signature loan from the bank for the money that you need.

It would be really nice if you could get your hands on up to $10,000 or more without having to jump through all the hoops at the bank such as a really long application process, and all of the credit checking. If there were a way to simplify the process then it would benefit so many different people because installment loans are inherently better than payday loans when it comes to getting out of a financial jam.

Here’s why: when you have to pay back the entire loan in just two weeks, often it leaves you without enough money to make it to your next payday. With an installment loan you get to break up the loan in 2 months of payments just like a car payment or a mortgage payment. If your car payment was set up like a payday loan you’d have to borrow the full amount, let’s say $15,000, bring that $15,000 back to the payday lender, only to borrow it again because you don’t have fifteen thousand dollars laying around that could pay off the entire loan.

They break the amount into smaller payments because it just makes sense. The reason payday lenders like the way it a payday loan is set up is because it keeps you trapped into the loan so you keep paying the same amount back week after week and month after month and eventually it can be year after year if you never get out of it.

Green Dollar Review – How They Do It

So how can a company like Green Dollar offer these types of loans when no one else seems to be able to? They have an entire page dedicated to how it works, and it seems like they have the process pretty well figured out. You still get your cash the same day, but you are getting low interest rates and they are even able to give you a free quote. One thing that stands out is that they have customer service that’s available 24 7 to help you through the process. This means that you never have to wonder if you are filling out the application correctly or not, because you can just give them a call and ask them for help. They offer your a phone number to call so it’s very convenient and while it may not be a toll free number, most people have nationwide calling on their cell phones these days so toll free number really isn’t necessary.


Just like most loans you’re going to need proper identification as well as r30 source of income and you’re going to have to be an adult 18 years of age or older. in fact if you are familiar with a payday loan process much of this is going to work exactly the same way, except they will probably do a credit check on you wear as a true payday lender will not involve a credit check because they are using your job as your credit.

Our Recommendation

Green Dollar offers installment loans, not payday loans, and we always recommend getting an installment loan over a payday loan if you have the chance. Well they do point out that your credit check may be required in order to fully complete the application, they still should be able to get you alone because they are different than a bank and they have more lacs requirements. You may even be able to get a car title loan from them which would have even more favorable terms and a personal installment loan because you are putting something up as collateral, in this case your car.