Month: February 2019


How to Cancel a Payday Loan

How to cancel a payday loan. It’s normal to have second thoughts after making a purchase, and make no mistake, taking out a payday loan is a purchase. You are buying money at a premium price. So if you go online and find out that maybe getting a payday advance wasn’t the best idea ever, you may wonder how to go about canceling it.

Most payday lenders will give you the next business day to change your mind. At that point you simply return to the lender with your loan agreement and the money they gave you and they will rescind it. This makes it like it never happened, and you only have to give them the original money they paid you, not the fees. But what if you go longer than one business day and you want to get out of it, is there anything you can do? Read More “How to Cancel a Payday Loan”