Month: December 2018


How Much Are Payday Loan Fees?

How much are payday loan fees? A lot of people wonder how much are payday loan fees, either because they heard they are astronomical, or because they want to know if it’s worth getting or not. Payday loan fees might not sound high when you first hear what they are, but when you do the calculations they can be a bit much.

Since the fees vary from state to state, and from lender to lender, it’s hard to pin down exactly how much they’ll be, or if you can even get a payday loan in your state. Some states have outlawed them, others have regulated them so heavily that they can’t turn a profit, essentially banning them. Other states set caps as to what percentage can be charged, while other states leave it completely unregulated and let the market handle it. Read More “How Much Are Payday Loan Fees?”