How to Get a Payday Loan Without Checking Account

payday loan without checking account. One of the things you’ll run into again and again while applying for payday loans is the need for a checking account. It’s one of the major requirements, and seems like it’s even more important than having a job. After all, even if you have government benefits or are collecting unemployment you can still in many cases get a payday loan if you have a checking account.

So why is a checking account so vitally important to the payday loan process? Well, aside from your recurring source of income, your checking account is the only other thing the payday lenders have to try to get their money back. They don’t mind doing business with a total stranger, as long as they know this person has a job and a checking account. Read More “How to Get a Payday Loan Without Checking Account”


How to Cancel a Payday Loan

How to cancel a payday loan. It’s normal to have second thoughts after making a purchase, and make no mistake, taking out a payday loan is a purchase. You are buying money at a premium price. So if you go online and find out that maybe getting a payday advance wasn’t the best idea ever, you may wonder how to go about canceling it.

Most payday lenders will give you the next business day to change your mind. At that point you simply return to the lender with your loan agreement and the money they gave you and they will rescind it. This makes it like it never happened, and you only have to give them the original money they paid you, not the fees. But what if you go longer than one business day and you want to get out of it, is there anything you can do? Read More “How to Cancel a Payday Loan”


How Much Are Payday Loan Fees?

How much are payday loan fees? A lot of people wonder how much are payday loan fees, either because they heard they are astronomical, or because they want to know if it’s worth getting or not. Payday loan fees might not sound high when you first hear what they are, but when you do the calculations they can be a bit much.

Since the fees vary from state to state, and from lender to lender, it’s hard to pin down exactly how much they’ll be, or if you can even get a payday loan in your state. Some states have outlawed them, others have regulated them so heavily that they can’t turn a profit, essentially banning them. Other states set caps as to what percentage can be charged, while other states leave it completely unregulated and let the market handle it. Read More “How Much Are Payday Loan Fees?”

How Do Payday Loans Collect?

How Do Payday Loans Collect?

How do payday loans collect? If you’re wondeing how do payday loans collect, you’re either late on paying them back, or you’re looking into the future and seeing that you won’t be able to repay it. Either way, it can cause some stress wondering how they’re going to try to get their money back. A lot of it depends on what type of lender you went with, and how much information you gave them.

If you’ve had other bad experiences with bill collectors, you might think that payday lenders will be the same way, and will pester you non-stop to get their payment. But many lenders do not want to make you too upset, because they want you to eventually pay back your loan and re-loan with them. That’s why they’ll be firm, but gentle. They do not want to lose a potential customer. Read More “How Do Payday Loans Collect?”


Harvest Moon Payday Loans Reviews

Harvest Moon Payday Loans Reviews. Can a loan from Harvest Moon help you out of a jam? How often you’ve landed in an emergency situation and needed cash immediately but there was no one around to help? Securing a bank loan is a distant thought with all the paperwork, approval and trips to the bank.

Payday Loans provide much relief for those who need some quick cash and with Harvest Moon Payday Loans everything is just a click away – a unique feature indeed. Borrowers just need to fill out an application form and they can access funds in just one business day. It saves a lot of time as there is no need to fax documents and you can be assured that your data is in safe hands. Read More “Harvest Moon Payday Loans Reviews”